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Successful investing

For most of us, the safest path to successful investing is asset diversification, regular investments and to reinvest any dividends.

Above all, you have to be disciplined, systematic and sustainable. Iterader will help you with that.

Asset allocation

Choose how the annual investment amount should be distributed as a percentage over your portfolio and its assets.

You can also choose to invest extra in a single asset. Perfect to reinvest dividends evenly over the year.

Mobile phone showing the portfolios page
Screenshot of detailed investment plan

Investment plan

A plan is drawn up based on the selected investment rate, and ensures that each asset is traded regularly over the year.

You can adjust the frequency so that the amount of each transaction will be acceptable in relation to transaction costs or minimum amount.


You can subscribe to the investment plan and get reminders in your calendar when it's time to invest.

Calendar activities show you what to invest and for what amount. There is also a link that takes you to the investment plan of the web site.

Screenshot of calendar application showing investment reminder

Security and privacy

Iterader communicates in 256-bit SSL encryption – the same security protocol as online banks.